remember when we used to rock: stonewash denim.

yes, you remember. bleach was a staple back in the 80s for more than just cleaning. and once we caught on to how fashionable you could be with just a $1.99 bottle of bleach ... we ran with it.

also called acid washed, the look was as if you used too much bleach in the laundry. but of course, the bleach-white streaks and spots were deliberate. ever wonder why it was called stonewash? the process involved washing denim with stones soaked in bleach. As the clothes tumbled in the washing machine, the stones would pound on the denim and create the blotchy bleach lines that we loved.

of course, this process only applied to the big brands, like guess, that made and sold stonewashed denim. mom was not having us putting any stones in her washing machine at home. we'd skip the stones and just use an extra few doses of bleach. worked just fine, didn't it?

and similar to the ripped up, distressed look, your parents really couldn't understand why you wanted them to buy you $100 pair of jeans that looked ruined. fresh prince was right.

so yes i have a couple pair of stonewash jeans hanging in my closet. and a jacket.

sgb still appreciates the trend:

stonewash by sgb, inquire within for details

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