kelly rowland turns it up for yrb magazine.

i've been wanting this chick to just bust out of her shell and do her for the longest time. kelly rowland is absolutely gorgeous and this yrb magazine shoot is fierce. i root for her. and um, am i the only one who secretly awaits a tell-all book? lol. i'd be the first one on the amazon site ordering it. doubt it'll come any time soon but maybe after she's old and gray.


CarmenSays said...

hey you! Gah, beyonce is so overrated. I've always been a kelly fan, go kellaaaaayy!! She looks so different here, reminds me a little of grace jones..no? lol xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow she looks good!

Dee O. said...

OKAY KELLY! I SEE YOU GIRL! Lol, I love the way she is evolving slowly but surely, she really is an absolutely gorgeous girl who shine was just blocked out a little at first but I feel if she just works at it she can be the next biggest thing! And that complexion of hers is just FABULOUS!

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