it's beginning to look a lot like fall.

... so i'm switching up my nail color and opting for more fall'ish colors. i'm up on the bandwagon for the gray hued nails. i love the look but my nail salon is slipping on their polish options. i think i'll have to bring in my own. i love the color options from chanel.

les khakis de chanel is a new trio of limited editon colors perfect for this time of year. my favorite is khaki vert, a greyish/greenish color:

the other two are khaki rose - a pinkish-beige color - and khaki brun - a taupe color.

$25 each at chanel.


Sing of Singature Style said...

Love the colors, but no the price. I'm sure OPI will have the same versions in the salons.


Regan said...

$25 buckaroos for some nail polish??!!...unless it guarantees me a hot chunk of man flesh, i wont be buying. But i'm totally digging the colors.