her steeze: amanda from done n done.

as soon as i stumbled upon amanda's blog, i knew i wanted to feature her on my wednesday post series, her steeze. i explained to her that i've become a make-up junkie this past year and although i keep it kinda simple, i love to marvel over the fun looks that she comes up with. she truly treats the face like artwork, drawing inspiration from all kinds of things (like cupcakes and watermelons and zodiacs) and people (like rihanna and raquel reed). very cool to look at.

"i would love to do lady gaga's makeup ..." -amanda

inspiration: rihanna's rude boy video

amanda. i'm 22 years old and i am an international relations student at malmö university here in sweden. i will soon become a student at seville university in spain. i'm going as an exchange student and i am so nervous about studying abroad! i take my studies very seriously. i wanna be somebody! i am also a make up and beauty addict. i love everything that has to do with make up, art, and products for my hair.

inspiration: taurus zodiac
i woud love to say from everywhere and anywhere. i was born in costa rica. when i was 9 my parents moved to herzegovina and then when i was 15, we moved to sweden. i guess this is why i love to travel. i'm a traveler.

who or what inspires your passion for make-up?
well, i get my inspiration from things that i see: magazines, art , music videos, people, nature. i've always been really creative ever since i was a little girl - painting, doing make up, and being creative is like a de-stresser for me. in other words, my personal therapy.

inspiration: ankara fabric

your style can be described as?
random. i mix different styles and trends. i'm not a fashion victim but i do love to follow trends.

the biggest make-up no-no is:
when people use way too much blush or too much of anything .

you're stuck for a whole week with only two make-up items. they are:
liquid eyeliner and mascara.

you have the chance of a lifetime to make up a celeb's face. you choose:
i would love to do lady gaga's make up. she has a crazy side just like me and i think she would understand my crazy unconventional designs.

inspiration: the tropics
she's such a vibrant thing ... (in my q-tip voice).


Sheefa F said...

gorgeous! you're always so good!

Living Fly on a Dime said...

Wow, absolutely gorgeous and your skin is flawless!