my top 5 michael jackson facts.

1. i grew up on mj.
2. i had the thriller album. and i mean, the actual album.

3. one of my classmates in elementary school, had the red jacket replica. i was so jealous.

4. i had this poster on my wall. i thought he was gorgeous in this yellow. i used to kiss the poster.

5. when we were real young, my mom and dad wouldn't let me and my brother stay up to watch the grammy's. but they'd wake us up, just in time to see mj hit the stage and moonwalk across the stage. and then we'd have to go right back to sleep.
michael jackson was the truth. and he left us so much to celebrate. his music will live on forever!


Rachel said...

I had the album, too!! Long live the KING!

Nicole said...

I had the album, too. I am still in shock.

Anonymous said...

i am soooo sad.

Anonymous said...

I have the Thriller album too. I just pulled it from the basement today.