trash the dress.

ever heard of it? me neither. but since my wedding day is less than 4 months away (wait, yikes, 4 months away!?) i'm attached to all of these bridal sites and blogs. like jumping the broom - as soon as i discovered it, i sat around and read, had to be like 75% of it and left mad comments even though some of the posts were old. i'm sure the chick who runs it thought i was an overzealous blog stalker! hey, you only do this once!

anyway, while reading the jumping the broom blog, i learned about this trashing the dress thing. in a nutshell, it's a post wedding shoot, a farewell of sorts to your precious, delicate wedding dress. brides usually do an edgy, unconventional shoot to kiss their dresses bye-bye.
google "trash the dress" for more examples. there's some super cool ones on altf.com.
still don't get it? yeh, it took me a minute too. maybe it's an attempt to further extend the wedding experience for the bride - i mean your wedding day is like christmas day, as my dad says: so much leading up to it and then it comes and goes - just like that.
will i be planning a high fashion trash the dress session? probably not. however, i will be working with the day-of photographer to take some cool, unexpected, candid type pictures. i refuse to have a wedding album full of corny chin-on-hand poses. boring.


nikki necole said...
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nikki necole said...

i've never heard of this concept, but really cool!! i don't blame you with the boring shots. gotta bring the cool editorial like shots on the big day!!

btw...didn't mean to delete the 1st post. i'm a dork lol