how gross are you?

glamour magazine polled 1000 women to find out how gross we really are. i figured i'd put myself on BLAST and answer the questions myself. if you're bold enough, you can do the same.

here are a few:

have you ever peed in the shower?
75% say yes!
i admit yes!
the experts say it isn't really that gross since urine is sterile and nontoxic.

do you sit on public toilets?
43% say yes.
i say HECK NO!
the experts say eating lunch at your desk may be worse for your health than sitting on public toilets. (sidenote: i don't care; i am NOT sitting on any toilet that isn't mine or my momma's)

do you brush your teeth every night?
43% say no.
i say nope.
the experts say don't skip brushing at night. (sidenote: the reasons they list will make you NEVER want to skip brushing at night again.)

read more in the june issue of glamour.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. def pee in the shower... who doesn't?? ;)
2. NEVER sit on public toilets.. gross!
3. GUILTY.. i do NOT brush my teeth every night.. but this confession has certainly embarrassed me enough to try harder.. lol