customer service sucks.

can i vent?
it never ceases to amaze me. we're in a recession. people aren't necessarily blowing money these days. but yet, customer service still sucks.
these business people - both small and large companies - act as if we have no choices. like my money doesn't spend anywhere but with them.
yawl know i'm planning a wedding. i'm not bridezilla. yet. but i'm amazed at how unresponsive these business owners are. i'm going to start dropping names, soon.
thank you. i feel a little bit better.


nikki necole said...

aww i'm sorry!!! i TOTALLY understand & lack of good customer service never ceases to amaze me either. i experienced the same thing recently and wrote a nasty gram and pushed it to the top. a lot of peeps think it's a waste of time, but sometimes it works. i got a free bag out of it, and venting to someone at the top made me feel better. go up the chain girl and let your voice be heard. sorry for this long comment, but i can't stand stuff like this!!

mrs. halimah. said...

me neither girl. and i'll write a letter or make a call in a heartbeat. it's so annoying. especially when you're trying to plan a seamless day.

nikki necole said...

aww i understand. not to worry....we won't let them ruin your big day. :-)