yup. suigenerisboutique.com blogs now. thanks for sliding through.

i decided to hop on the blog bandwagon to add yet another dimension to the new sgb.

the personality of this blog will figure its own self out (i hate to be put in a box). but i can say that this will be a style + lifestyle blog.

the style/fashion part: i will highlight sgb, of course. i will highlight the style icons we love, hate, love to hate, hate to love - take your pick. i will highlight the not-so-famous with incredible style. i will spotlight interesting industry folks, etcetera. you know, all encompassing fashion.

the lifestyle part: what we wear is just one part of us. how we talk, what we talk about, what we watch, what we listen too, what we like, what we hate - basically all that extra stuff that gives us our swag, you'll find a little of that here too.

lastly, i'm gearing up for the relaunch of the site which will be ready very soon. the developers are putting in the final touches. stay tuned.
sneak peek the new logo, you like?:

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Mink said...

Hey miss, okay this is my first visit to the site, but I promise it will not be my last. i like the look & feel and of course wish you much success with it