only for the fashion.

i don't do the daytime emmy awards. yawn. the red carpet, however, is a different story. so no recap of the big winners or losers here, unless we're talking about how your girl tyra won for outstanding talk show. however, we can check out some red carpet fresh or lack thereof.

speaking of tyra, i like tyra more than i don't like her. i guess. but um, maybe this was prettier in person:

it's a'ight. congrats though tyra. you deserve it.

not a bad look for ms. shepherd:

amber from the young and the restless. love the dress, love purple, the "greek godess" look never disappoints:

eva kept it short and sassy but elegant with her dress. heidi always looks fabulous:

vanessa williams:

neicy with her signature hair flower, radiance in yellow:

can't say i spent too much time checking everyone out, but from what i've seen, many brought their A game to this red carpet. for many, many more pix check out http://www.eonline.com.

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