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was 80s fashion all that wack? ask some people what the worst decade for fashion was and you usually hear the 80s.

well, if in retrospect it's all that bad, why have just about all the 80s trends resurfaced? or is it just better the second time around?

the 80s was a busy decade for fashion trends. as a 80s youngin, i rocked them all. and somehow about two years ago, a lot of my wardrobe again looked like a page out of a 80s word up magazine.

salt n pepa had to be my style inspiration back in the day. before the era of over-sexed lyrics and scantily clad chick mc's, s-n-p + spin were knocking down doors in a male-dominated rap scene and paving the way for the lil kims and trinas.

they most likely inspired my first asymetrical cut in '89, i think it was. i swore i was cute. i bet these youngins today think that kelis was the first to rock the tilt.

and my first concert ever was a s-n-p concert.

and guess who schooled me back in the day that they weren't saying "shut up this is bullshit" but instead "ahh push it" - mom. lol. thanks.

check out their throwbacks - so so 80s. count the number of styles that you rocked back then and then again once the style came back around.

i had this poster on my wall. and i rocked some steve madden red boots like salt and spin's all last winter:

i'd like to find a pair of black stone washed jeans now like pep wore. and sgb is retailing a jacket similar to pep's:

check out the doorknockers. i wanted a big pair like the b-girls so bad but mom shut it down. i was pressed. years laters i went and bought a pair, just because i could.

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Crafty Hands said...

I found the stone wash jeans that peppa have on at American Apparel and they have other colors too like purple, red and green.