never wear white after labor day.

yesterday i overheard a woman tell another woman (both will remain nameless) that her "bag should always match your shoes". i almost lost my mind. she was so matter of fact. like she was miranda priestly's or andre talley's apprentice or somebody.

so i thought of a few others rules that i deem as breakable:

  1. your bag doesn't have to match your shoes: coordinate, sure. match - says who?

  2. wear white after labor day: being the google queen that i am, i had to google this to see where this started. as it seems it initially applied to shoes. the older society sought to school the young on fashion etiquette. and since lighter colors tend to be worn in warmer months and darker colors in winter months, they were concerned that summer clothes would be worn in the winter so they established strict guidelines to enforce proper fashion etiquette. personally, if 30 degree weather isn't enough to keep you out of shorts and tees then i don't know what is.

  3. mix patterns & prints & materials & color-combos: go on, give it a try.

  4. mix vintage with contemporary: big fan of this. basically, the premise of sgb, so of course i co-sign this.

  5. less is more?: sure it is. but more is not always wrong.

  6. it's ok to skip some trends: yes, it really is. do what works for you and if that means you have to skip the hammer pants trend because you're just not convinced you look cute in them - skip it! it's ok.

oh but there is one rule: don't follow any rules. most are archaic. what i would have told her is not to stress over making that bag match her shoes. to follow her own sense of what works and what doesn't. to have fun with it. afterall, it's only fashion. (tongue in cheek)

help me out. what "rules" do you break?

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