hi, my name is.

1. Who ... mrs. ayesha chaney, designer, stylist, & owner of ayetina creations
2. Where ... dc metro area
3. What ... idesign, istyle, imake, icreate
4. I love ... being a wife, a mother, a friend, & a designer
5. My style can be described as ... i'm stuck; i can never figure this one out. (editor's note - i'll answer this one for her ... sui generis, colorful, eclectic, fun & keen)
Bonus. I feel naked without ... my make-up & purse

miss ayesha is the first to grace the "on the come-up" spotlight series as sui generis ms. of the week - featuring the young (in age or in spirit) & fabulous who are in the industry and making moves. at a young age, ayesha became a designer of all things. today she's still designing & styling from clothing to interior decor to baskets to make-up - you name it, she's probably doing it. she's styled for many, including hubby, actor & recording artist, tray chaney (yup, poot from "the wire"). stay tuned -there's so much more to come from this fashionista.
the sui generis ms. of the week (sgmotw) is a spotlight series that features sui generis fashionistas with a passion for fashion, among other things.


Keesha said...

Do your thing, Aye! I'm proud of you girl. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Yall Better watch out My wife is on the come-up... She is so fresh and creative....Love u Honey

Mr.Tray Chaney
Cant wait to see u Tonight!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a fellow stylist and a loyal client of Aye! I love my denim pumps she created for me. I get stopped everytime I wear them! Love them. Love her!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Aye!!! Keep up the good work. Hard work and persistence pays off every time!


aisha keys said...

i luv you miss chaney! big ups from your fellow vintage stylist AISHA KEYS of Craze Chameleon Studio & The Parlor of DC. Keep smiling & shining bigger things are coming. And your style is AUDACIOUS....BABY! Just do it.

peace, luv & luv my hairweave