shoe game.

i fell in love with these cute peep toe pumps that i saw a girl rocking today and suddenly realized how badly i need to go shoe shopping. really. it's been a minute since i've splurged. in fact, the last time i really went all out is when i was working part time at steve madden. 50% discount - obviously the shoe game stayed on point. but it's time to refresh the collection. i'm not on a carrie bradshaw budget so i'd be happy with these fall looks to kick off the season:

it's all about peep toe booties this fall, apparently. sexy. and i had to throw in the ultra high, cuff folded or unfolded, flat pirate boots - for those chill days.

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Mink said...

lol...i have a shirt that says will work for shoes...i like the new looks...i need to shoe shop soon as well