i don't get it.

i just got off the phone with my mom and we got to talking about relationships. beyonce and j somehow came up and she mentioned how they've been married and still won't admit it. wtf. i'm a little over it by now but i still don't get it so i decided to make the leading couple the subject of this post.

i respect privacy. i really do. it's their prerogative. but it's weird. here we have two grown people who've shared a seemingly beautiful relationship. they've made it official and presented their commitment and love before God. so what's up b and j? yawl married now, like shug. the not-so-secret wedding is over. paparazzi are somewhere stalking paris or rihanna or somebody. what's the point in hiding something as beautiful as marriage? or is it just to keep everyone talking?

married or just bunned up, the blogs are gonna keep writing about you. the lights will still flash while you walk out the spotted pig after getting something to eat.

well, i love b and j - both individually and collectively. their undeniable as far as i'm concerned. but they're also annoying as hell. do us a favor - sport your 100 karat rings proudly. tell the interviewer "yes, i'm married but no more questions about it" and live happily ever after.
the married couple at the New Yorkers for Children Gala earlier this week. peep that j is actually wearing his ring in this picture. hand clap! & nice dress (rm by rouland mouret pigalle wool dress) and accessories, b.

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