how i got introduced to minoritees.com.

something like this ...

ronnell: hey, do you know what omfg stands for?
i tell her.
ronnell: are you serious?
me: dead.
ronnell: oh my.
me: well you know this is the era of shortcuts, you know text language like lmao, lmfao, ctfu ... wow, we really like the f word, huh?
ronnell: ohhh ok. yeh, i remember seeing this now.
me: why do you ask?
ronnell: i'm on this site call minoritees.com and one of the shirts says omfg ...

omfg, 19.99

easy breezy beautiful colored girl, $21.99

year of the tiger, $19.99

work in progress, $21.99

old school house rock, $21.99

spanish fly, $17.99

stereotype, $21.99
and there's more where that came from. created in 2004, founders collin spencer and austin green sought to create conscious and stylish tees that celebrated the multi-cultural differences of minorities. they're pretty cool so check them out here.

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