a staple: the white button up.

there are several pretty basic items that should be in every girl's closet. like a lbd. a pair of fierce but simple black heels. at least one pair of cute flats. a white wife b (tank/v-neck). at least one pair of hoops (hush regan).

and a white button up shirt. a must. and can you ever have too many? i feel like every so often i need to re-up. i only have one now - a super cute and super long one from the gap. but i'm in search of a new crispy one to wear along with an outfit idea i have in my head.

a few cute ones all $100 and under:

rachelroy.com, $89 (click image)

robert rodriguez, couture.zappos.com, $100

oldnavy.com, $24.50 (click image)

kenneth cole, nordstrom.com, $79 (click image)

coldwatercreek.com, $69.95 (click image)

revolveclothing.com, $49.95 (click image)

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misslikey said...

agree with you on this. absolute essential. that Rachel Roy shirt dress would be a perfect fit in my closet