when photoshoots go wrong: kobe's spread in la times.

folks were losing their mind after they peeped pictures from kobe bryant's "high-fashion" shoot earlier this week by photographer, ruven afanador. myself included.
what the %^#@?

aside from the fact that i'm not a kobe fan, kobe's swag is a big whopping 0. he's not exactly a flyy type dude. and although i've only styled about 10 photoshoots, i probably would have went for a different look here. less willy wonka. and more ... kobe. call me a hater.

stylist, james valeri told the la times what his vision was:

"... it's mixing the the inspiration of tupac and a gentleman with a white hat ... a mix of hip hop and a conservative look."

i dare he even mention tupac's name. lol. wow.

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Mz. More said...

Wow. What a Hot A$$ Mess SMH