the uniform project.

question. how many days, in a row, no breaks, could you wear the same dress? 0? 7? 30?

how about 365? that's just what sheena matheiken did. determined to raise money for the akanksha foundation, a nonprofit that helps disadvantaged kids in india receive a quality education, matheiken wore the same LBD for a year straight. her efforts raised enough to send 233 kids to school for a year.

thrift shops and designers donated accessories to help matheison create new looks each day. and before you turn your nose up do know that matheison had 7 identical dresses so she didn't have to wash every night.

cnn asked her how she got ready each day. her response: "i didn't plan the outfits ahead of time. that was very important to me to keep it spontaneous because that's how i usually get ready. i wanted to keep it that way because that's how normally people get ready that way. you sort of look around, and i sort of gravitate to a few things like a hat, belt or shoes. i'm a big tights girl. i build off of one piece and add onto it. you go with what you feel like and throw things together."

she definitely had fun with the project. like wearing the dress as a sea creature for halloween and wearing it with gloves as a tribute to michael jackson when he died.

aside from raising money for a good cause, matheison hopes that her project will help people to "realize the value in their closet. "

thanks ronnell for the story lead.

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