katy pery shines at the met.


but before i expand allow me to briefly digress. i know that i didn't post any of the much anticipated gowns from the annual metropolitan museum of art costume institute gala that went down in nyc on monday. and although i like to marvel over who wore what, i figured that you could catch recaps all over the net. right?

but i'm so lying. i didn't post any pictures because i've been slacking all week long. please excuse me. blog posts have slowed up but will definitely return this weekend. i'm on spring break.

but i did come across this light-up dress by cute circuit worn by ms. she-kissed-a-girl herself, katy perry. i was wondering what you thought about it. brilliant? fabulous? tacky?

it was a one-shoulder pink and white dress lined with flashing rope lights and a sexy slit. i say it is just perfect for the dramatic gowns that we come to expect from the met. definitely a conversation piece.

oh and of course, there were plenty of beautifully dressed stars at the met. like chanel iman's gold jumpsuit was so flyy. so if you haven't seen them yet, i do encourage you to google them.


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La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix said...

I thought it was brilliant.. I love Katy Perry. What's wrong with young Hollywood being just that.. young and fun... She put aside all the expectations of her and just did her own thing...