will someone please tell oscar de la renta that you catch more bees with honey.

... than vinegar. duhh.

last year in april, i wrote a post about high profile designers, like oscar de la renta, whining over the first lady's fashion choices. several designers felt like they deserved a chance to dress the beautiful mrs. obama. instead, she had the nerve to mostly opt for up and coming designers like jason wu or j. crew. i dare she.

de la renta recently told the washington post that he'd love to dress our nation's first lady. he says that first ladies are "an american phenomenon....this country has always been very different about that. and it's a learning process. he was elected president. she wasn't. but at the same time, there's an expectation about her that perhaps she was not even ready for."

can we say spoiledbrat.com? has it occurred to mr. de la renta that mrs. obama may not care to subscribe to the expectation of how a first lady should dress? for some reason, i don't think mrs. obama cares one bit that that de la renta has dressed nancy reagan, hillary clinton and laura bush. i don't think she feels that she has to be anyone but who she is.

am i the only one who is turned off by his audacity? i absolutely love the fact that she dons looks by names we've never heard of as well as names that are easily accessible at the neighborhood mall.

sorry, oscar. she isn't obligated. and she's still one of the classiest women in the public eye. someone needs to get over himself. hmph.

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