the ugly trend.

the ugg fascination is still alive and well, in case you haven't noticed. i can't say that I don't understand how seemingly ugly things become the most coveted things in fashion. it happens. nerd glasses. hammer pants. bowling shoes. sneaks with heels. trucker hats. all un-sexy things, essentially.

but uggs. ug is right. other than looking comfortable, i can't find the attraction.

ugg-rocking fashionistas - don’t take offense. i'll respect your style even if it's not my own. and a couple of my favorite styles are hated too. like even though some can't feel them, l'm still a fan of a pirate style flat boot, especially the throwback styles. and i guess i have to confess that i also rocked some corduroy flat boots from Urban about 3 winters ago that some may argue were ugg-inspired. i disagree but I'll give them that if they insist. yeh, those went straight to the salvation army, by the way.

the ugly trend is interesting. and probably one of the reasons i'm so intrigued with fashion is because it's so unpredictable yet somehow predictable, left field, versatile, and random. but uggs, i won't be rocking.

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