it's a shame that you actually get excited when you visit an establishment and receive extraordinary service. sadly, it's not a norm because too many business owners act as if you don't have options, that your money doesn't spend elsewhere, and therefore their customer service sucks. i know about that all too well right about now but that's a whole new post.

tonight me and tye randomly checked out penang, a malaysian food place in bethesda. it's a cute restaurant with a cool, comfortable atmosphere, extensive menu, and good proportions. and yes prices are recession-friendly.

i didn't get the guy's name that helped us but he immediately welcomed us and helped us decide what we'd like off the menu. we ordered take out and you know we didn't miss an opportunity to sit at the bar and get a drink. he hooked up two cocktails that were just right. he was genuinely friendly and after our food was done he handed us a take out menu which he had went through and circled all the items that he thought we'd like.

that's customer service. take note. work for your customers. act like you know they could go anywhere and appreciate them. and when you go to a restaurant or receive a service and they treat you right, tell them. tell a friend. tip them. keep patronizing them. friendly servie may be the one thing that keeps you coming back.

i recommend:
appetizer - roti canai (indian style pancake w/ curry chicken dipping sauce, $3.95)
main - beef rendang (tender beef in a thick, rich coconut curry sauce over rice, $13.95), house special chicken (chicken w/ peppers, dried chili & curry over rice, $12.95)
adult refreshments - penang punch & mango martini, $6.50

penang, 4933 bethesda ave., bethesda, md, 301.657.2878

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