"i'm not fond of looking like the next girl ..." -kina

1. who: kina walker, www.myspace.com/takina
2. what: i'm a clothing designer/stylist; i'm also a project manager by day to pay the bills
3. where: lala land honestly, but i'm a little bit of everywhere
4. what i love: viva las vegas, grey goose, the color purple, factory girl, american apparel, prince, floral prints, andy warhol, turman capote, halloweeen/costumes, fishnets, leather gloves, coach, my list can go on and on...
5. what I hate: velvet, george bush, dooney & burke (i know, i know!), boys who lie, and anything with meat in it, oh and you can't forget the stupid people!!
bonus. my style can be described as: i never really thought about this before but i'd have to say my style is unique. i'm not fond of looking like the next girl but I'm so weird with what i like that it never really works that way. i love funky prints, floral, animal whatever it may be. i embrace my quirkyness. in short, my style is best described as me, i am every bit of what I wear.
double bonus. my favorite style icon: i love sienna miller, the olsen twins, rihanna, kirsten dunst and anyone who doesn't follow the basic idea of what's currently in style. They set their own guidelines.

unapologetically fabulous!

the sui generis ms. of the week (sgmotw) is a part of the spotlight series. the sgmotw features sui generis fashionistas with a passion for fashion, among other things.

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