got a friend with a pole in the basement.

so i'm on my fitness thing again. i know it's about to get cold but i was inspired after seeing a friend shed some pounds and tone up a little. i'm trying to be badda-bing by next spring so i did a little research on this pole dancing phenomenon.

goddess fitness is located in bethesda and one of the first pole dancing studios in this area. no worries if you're no Diamond yet, classes are divided into different skill levels. and if pole dancing aerobics isn't exciting enough for you, try chair dance aerobics, weighted hula hoops, boa teaser, or cardio boxing. it's sexy, it's empowering, a different perspective on working out.

prices may be slightly higher than your average trip to your local gym but it's probably a lot more fun. check out the site for more info http://www.goddessfitness.com/. and if you've been here or another one before, definitely hit me up and tell me what you think. likewise, if i check it out i'll be sure to report back with details.

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Mink said...

yes do it! i love exotic aerobics--sexy & fun!