polish is so '07.

yooo, i've just been put on to the newest nail fashion phenomenon and i must share.

so have you ever noticed how in fashion spreads, or tv, the models'/celebs' nails always look so smooth and perfect. well, it's probably something called minx.

minx is a solid nail coating that comes in foil and metallics and is made of film. not polish. the cute thing is that you can customize with any photo or logo. you can opt for a solid metallic color or you can match it with your wardrobe and customize to your liking. rocking a lot of plaid this season? minx can feature the exact pattern and colors.

celebs are on it, of course. b's a fan. angela and vanessa simmons are down. eve rocked a customized look and put our man, obama on her nails. even cuter is it doesn't chip. and if you're impatient like me, there's no drying time. there is a God. and there are no chemicals involved in the application. minx is removed by a peeling process.

janice jordan, the founder and CEO of minx, inc. came up with the brilliant idea that i wish i had come up with myself. she was later joined by her friend, dawn lynch-goodwin. they announced the new phenomenon back in january. i guess i'm a little late, huh?

i've already located a salon near me that does it. check out http://www.minxnails.com/ and learn more.

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