pose for the camera, now flick flick.

you may or may not know that i'm a lover of street style. runway style is a'ight and inspiring but i'm more impressed over what the chick next door, in the club, down the street, on the subway, at the supermarket is rocking. i call them everyday fashionistas. which is what I consider myself and what pretty much describes the typical sgb shopper.

the everyday fashionista appreciates all things involving fashion - her style is eclectically influenced, she marvels at celebrity fashion, appreciates but not confined to trends, owns her steez, not a slave to labels and never deprives herself of shopping therapy. the everyday fashionista has those everyday bills though, she has no stylist, and still throws together hot looks without mary j. bank rolls.

so here's the deal. i have this fabulous new professional camera that makes me look like a bona fide photographer. i'm ready to put it use. if i roll up on you asking you to take your picture, don't act all funny. i'll be showcasing them on this blog and showing your sui generis swag off to the world.

and if you have any existing photos, send them on in.

send all photos for the everyday fashionistas feature to halimah@suigenerisboutique.com. include your name and city.

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