1. who ... ms. arkeelaus denise sherman
2. where ... where i breathe, illinois
3. what ... owner & designer of Kee2Creativity, an invitation & graphic design boutique,
http://www.kee2creativity.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/kee2creativity
4. i love ... the man upstairs, my children, being creative (one of God's best gifts to me), family, solid friendships, shopping, fashion, belts, the color red, technology (i'm a geek), passion, traveling, haters (they keep me going) and just being free to be me
5. what i hate ... liars, manipulators and hot sauce :-)
bonus. my style can be described as ... sophisticated, sassy, and somewhat trendy
double bonus. my favorite style icon ... this is a toughy.. but if i HAVE to pick one person, tyra banks would win this week, next week may be different.

ms. kee also explained her fashion philosophy to me. in her own words:
"fashion can play a huge role in how others perceive you. if you want to be sexy, that's fabulous, but know that sexiness comes from within, it's an attitude! no matter how much boob, leg or ass you decide to show, if you don't possess a positive sexy attitude, it doesn't matter. leave something to the imagination and be beautiful from the inside out."

check out this invitation-making, graphic-designing, talent-having fashionista - i am a fan (the chocolate sunburst style from her chocolate collection is just one of my favorites) and i hope to work with her soon.
the sui generis ms. of the week (sgmotw) is a part of the spotlight series. the sgmotw features sui generis fashionistas with a passion for fashion, among other things.

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