my latest obsession.

it's either on or off. that was one of my mom's golden beauty tips while growing up. nail polish, that is. chipped nails weren't the business. and they still ain't. although, i admit i've been guilty on a few occasions. oops.

i digress. this post is all about fall nail colors. nail polish is my most recent obsession. i'm currently sporting metallic copper. years ago, i was boring when it came to nail color. i barely ventured beyond the neutral tones. but now it's all about color.

the warm months of summer were all about blinding, bright candy colors. now that it's getting chilly, we can warm those colors up a bit. but fun colors come in darker hues too. i prefer to keep my nails short and rounded - it makes even the loudest colors seem not so loud which may be important for my corporate fashionistas who want to keep their nail color fun but not shock their stuffy co-workers.
take your pick:

purples, plums, burgundys work:

dark grey:

can never go wrong with chocolate:

and metallic is the new craze this fall:

and i think i'm going to break down and cop this limited edition color by chanel - kaleidoscope. i like.

nail polish, for the most part, is cheap so go refresh your stash.

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