my beef: labels=stylish.

my beef with most fashion commentaries/networks and some of the everyday fashionistas that i encounter is their notion that labels = stylish. i came up in the biggie era. say what you want but he started the ubiquity of label-dropping in his lyrics. we loved it. we sung it. moschino this. cartier that. versace this. back in the mid to late 90s i was DKNY crazy. you couldn't tell me nothing when i walked in somewhere with that DKNY logo yelling on my shirt. what! yeh, others dropped names before him but Biggie took it to the next level and then tried to dead the trend shortly before he passed. soon everyone was doing it. and they are still doing it.

i don't despise designer labels. at all. i can appreciate them. sometimes covet them. sometimes drool over them. sometimes rock them. but for the record, those labels don’t make you stylish. your twist, your swag, how you carry it - that's what i see. those that may lack style are sometimes the biggest fans of labels - because it's easy and predictable. however, those who embrace their individual approach to fashion will never be confined to just designer labels. and are much more interesting.

and as i always say, i'm more impressed with street style over runway style any day.

ok, I'm done. and, that's my opinion and i'm sticking to it. talk to me - tell me what you think.

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