nothing but the best.

ahh, the new year. the reflection of everything from the past year and the possibilities of what's to come in the coming year. a time when you really consider that as you enter the new year, that anything is within reach and the best is yet to come.

i want to thank everyone who has encouraged sgb this year as we worked on the relaunch. as an entrepreneur, after the experiences with business developing this year, i could write a book. forreal. an encouraging, brutally honest chronicle of the life of a determined entrepreneaur as she travels from a wannabe to a superstar. in her own right. perhaps i will ...

sgb has some tricks up their sleeves. yessir. just when you thought you had us figured out, we come from left field. we're gonna leave it at that. no need to talk about it. you'll see soon for yourself.

happy, happy new year to all of you. may you dare to dream and deliver big(ger).

i've elected this as my theme song going forward. frank sinatra, nothing but the best:


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