tis the season: adult refreshments.

tis the season for spirited holiday gatherings. piggy-backing off my earlier post about label-whores, i figured i'd give my $.02 on alternative options for adult refreshments. if you're asked to bring a bottle, consider these not so ubiquitous names for alcohol.
yes, diddy plugs the mess out of ciroc. and grey goose or belvedere are always likely choices. but our favorite for vodka:

yup svedka. grey goose is always my 2nd choice.

and every now and again, i like a nice margarita with a salted rim. now i know these rappers have beat your ear with patron this, patron that. but tye put me on to the real, so now our perspective on tequila is that patron is not as good as everyone thinks. our pick:
that don julio.
tye loves an ice cold corona. he'll probably never switch from that but after frequenting the liquor store in a mexican neighborhood, we were put on to:

yup, sol beer. supposedly the beer of choice within latin america.
and lastly, to my wine drinkers. i tend to sip more reds during the colder season. what i've learned about wine is what you probably already know - expensive wine doesn't always mean it's better.
instead of the expected merlot, try a lighter choice, like shiraz. my absolute brand of choice for wine is gumdale. i like lindeman's too.

so, my fellow fashionistas, much like your swag, don't be afraid to try something new or choose unlikely choices. you may be pleased.
oh and drink responsibly.

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