so you've heard the story. billie watts, a 75 year old woman out of tennessee, found 97 grand in a cracker barrel restroom. an elderly woman left the bag hanging from a hook on a stall door along with some pictures. watts takes the money home and then calls the restaurant to see if they had a lost and found. a few days later a woman called and watts confirmed that the woman was the rightful owner. the woman had sold her home and was en route to florida to start a new life. you know old heads believe in stashes vs. banks. watts turned down $1000 for returning the money.

so i ask you. WWYD? would you return it or would you walk away deciding what mall you'd slide through first? me, tye and his parents had a heated discussion about this earlier today.

i say i'd have to return the money. (damn, damn, damn like florida evans). but i ain't turning down the $1000 reward. for what?!

what you think? talk to me.

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Opé - Style Artist said...

I would be singing " What GOD has for me it is for meeeeee! Hallelujah!"
With the UTMOST sincerity.