my saturday.

so interestingly enough, my saturday was centered around books.

my girl friend felisha started a book club and yesterday was the first meeting. we met at one of zane's (yup, the erotica author) book centers.

we spoke to zane and i asked her about how she made the transition from doing what paid the bills to being able to make it by doing her passion of writing. she said before she left her day job she had up to 2 years of her expenses saved so that she knew she could at least survive for 2 years. she told us about how she got started and finally telling her parents that she was zane - the freaky deaky writer. lol

we also spoke to her marketing manager/author, dante feenix. felisha chose his book, black butterfly, as the first book for the club.

i probably would have bought more books and tried to score a one on one interview with zane but i had to leave. and of course i brought my fancy smancy camera but forgot the memory card so i couldn't take any pictures.

that evening, me and tye hung out with the chaney's - tray (who played poot on the wire/recording artist/author) and his wife ayesha (stylist/designer). tray had a book signing for his book, the truth you can't beTray, at republic in dc. we partied, drank dirty martinis, and then brought our sleepy behinds in the house. i didn't bring my camera because i didn't feel like carrying it in the club but i think ayesha has a few pictures. if i look cute in them, i'll post them.

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