sui generis fashion + lifestyle inspirations of '08.

i would have loved to come from left field with my choices for both fashion and lifestyle inspirations of the year and chose arguable, shocking winners but my selects are so undeniable that it is what it is.

so the crown for sui generis fashion inspiration of '08 goes to:
rihanna! of course, right? rihanna has quickly positioned herself as a stylista. it seems she can do no wrong. she takes chances with her wardrobe and doesn't seem to mind to go left when everyone else is going right. the chick even made rocking a foot brace look cool. a true trendsetter and a refreshing style goddess. i want her closet!

the crown for sui generis lifestyle inspiration of '08 goes to another likely choice. who else but the obamas! i decided not to just choose barack himself because so much of who he is, is so evidently attributed to the beautiful family that knows him best. the obama movement, as i like to call it, inspired all of us tremendously this year. i hardly recall many other headliners this year because the whole year was politics for me. i feel like i was running for president - that's how passionate i was throughout it all and worn out by the time he was declared the winner. his win is our win and the image of this beautiful family just makes us all want to step our game up.

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Opé - Style Artist said...

Just showing love...of course these choices are a true reflection of style this past year.

Showing how people can rise to top of of nowhere. Great examples.
Have a Happy Holiday.