sgb public service announcement.

tis the season, as the new year approaches, for some good winter cleaning. in a couple of weeks we're getting new floors. i'm so stoked for two reasons: 1. for the floors itself, of course and 2. because we'll have to move furniture, an excellent time to organize and get rid of all the ish we've convinced ourselves that we need. i'm so ready to let go!

do any of your closets look like this?

yes? then sweetie, it's time to let go. do yourself a favor and stop sifting through those items that your thighs won't let you slide in or those shirts that still have the tags on it even though you bought them 2 years ago. um, yes, i'm guilty of both scenarios.

somewhere out there is another fashionista or inspiring fashionista who can rescue something you haven't done anything with in months. and with these iffy economic times, you can make a thrift store shopper's day, by finding something flyy for a steal.

i've been donating clothes forever; my mom introduced me to goodwill and purple heart as a youngin. it's as helpful for you as it will be for whomever walks away with it. so consider doing some pre-new year cleaning and find a thrift store or organization that you can donate too. it's tax deductible, you can get rid of not only clothes but household items, and some orgs will even pick the items up.

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