at last: solemates.

i lie to you not. i have a trashbag full of shoes with broken or injured heels. my heels are always sliding down in the sidewalk cracks! i hate that.

so when i stumbled across solemates, i was relieved. finally!

the highheeler, as it's called, snaps snugly on your shoe heel. it discreetly widens the heel to prevent slipping into cracks. oh and their priced just right for the recessionista (under 12 bucks) and come in black and clear.

becca brown and monica murphy are the genius inventors of this must-have shoe accessory.

slide on over to their site to see how these badboys work.


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Nina said...

omg! love it! and you are a very special lady...happy early bday!


Nina said...

oh yea..i want to model for you...

my charge is, pretty close to free..maybe like an outfit or something...lol

and i do my own makeup. and i come with free advertising...check out my other blog:


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