question of the day: etta vs. b.

so by now you've heard the audio from etta at one of her concert's talking ish about b. if you haven't, google it, listen to it, and then come back and answer the question of the day. in sum, she expresses her dislike for b and says she shouldn't be singing her song.

question: you're getting married. you can have etta or b sing "at last" for you and your other. who would you pick and why?

i must admit i find the whole thing so entertaining. yawl know older people say what they want, when they want. i think etta was half joking and half serious. but i tend to agree with her. i said from the beginning that if i was choosing who would sing for the obama's firs dance, b would have been at the bottom of my list. i'm just being honest. i'm thinking more anita baker, gladys knight, along those lines. hell. why not have the original sing it herself? and if it was a younger artist, i think jhud would have been the best choice. or even alicia keys.

that's just my $.02. i'm not a b hater; i actually used to be quite a fan. but lately ... so so.

share your $.02.

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