remember when we used to rock: slam books.

shout out to brittany who emailed me asking where the hell the "we used to rock" monday series is. brittany, i simply forgot. oh my. i promise you i'm too young to be so forgetful. but it's back.

and it may further piss you off that i'm cheating today. slam books aren't technically something we used to rock but work with me.

slam books! i'm about to take you back. junior high. like 7th and/or 8th grade. slam books were the business. these days it's myspace and twitter ... these youngins have no clue what a slam book is. no, not facebook. slam books. let me explain.

get a fresh notebook. number each line on each page. each friend had her own line. the first page listed your name. all other pages were superlatives. best dressed - male. best dressed - female. biggest ho - male. biggest ho - female. funk'iest breath. cutest. prettiest eyes. are you a virgin? how many guys have you kissed? hope your teacher didn't take it for filling it out during class. ask your girls if it was ok to show it to such and such 'cause he asked to read it.

oh yeh. there were some bruised feelings over these books sometimes. or new relationships once he found out that you listed him as best looking.

ahhh. the good ole days.

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