observation: shades w/o the sun.

famous people where sunglasses 24/7. whether in the sun or in a typhoon, they're rocking hot shades and we let them live. can normal people like me, who are only famous in their head, get a pass and rock them all the time too? i swear i'd probably rock them 70% of the time. church would be an exception. lol

i told you years ago, i'd never rock sunglasses. always felt they made me look like i was trying to be too cool. that was years ago; i wear them now with even a hint of sun. i finally appreciate a good pair do-not-disturbs (aka sunglasses) and am ready to invest.
mary, monica and kanye rocking hot shades at the madea movie premiere:

ice-t somewhere. you know he's always rocking black shades:

oh and that's me and lamar, rocking shades on a night out ... ha haa ...star mentality, baby.

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