love is in the air.

so v day is only a few days away. and if you feel like the day is worth acknowledging with you and your sweetheart then sgb has a few ideas.

our suggestion: go homemade! it's been tested by yours truly and confirmed to work. it'll save you a few bucks. and it makes this pseudo-holiday more fun. and cute.

bake some cookies or showoff and bake a cake. not a baker? good. he'll be even more impressed.

channel second grade, get creative and make him a card. you may find yourself having a little too much fun with this one.

or lastly write (or type) him a list: 101 reasons i love you, 10 reasons you make me smile, etc. include the serious stuff but don't forget the funny stuff or the those insider jokes the two of you have.
sound good?

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