the color purple comes to dc.

i got an email from my chica, fellow fashionista nikki necole, reminding me that the color purple musical has finally landed in dc!

i went to see it a few years ago in ny. on the way there, i found out it was a musical and was disappointed. i'm not really a musical-type person. but before scene 1 was over i was captured. it was excellent. i boo-hooed constantly; i'm such a cry baby.

it's at the kennedy center from june 30 to august 2. tickets range from 25 to 95 bucks. click
here for more info and definitely try to check it out.

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Nikki Necole said...

HOLD UP!! HOLD UP!!! HOLD UP!!! This is a musical?!?! *sigh*
I don't like musicals AT ALL!!! But I will take your word that CP is still worth seeing.. :-)