sexy is, sexy ain't.

tye was watching a video of jackie-o on another blog today. she had entirely too much make-up on and stays talking slick. but we both agreed that she has sex appeal. i started wondering how many chicks would agree. i mean i could definitely see a man agreeing. but would a bougie-fab chick have the audacity to give jackie-o the sexy title.

then i asked myself what is sexy? what is it? or what isn't it? how can i think jackie-o is sexy and at the same time think say, kelly rowland is sexy. entire opposites. spicy and mild. you get it. and how could i think jackie-o is sexy but think someone like khia is so un-sexy.

is it easily defined? i have my own ideas and if i had the energy right now, i'd articulate my own compelling definition of what sexy is. but i'm lazy right now. i'd rather you tell me. what is sexy? what is it not? is it swag? is it clothes? is it attitude? is it unintentional?

talk to me.

"jackie, jackie, jackie, jackie ... i'm the reason he got his haircut ..."

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