oscar's 09 bore me.

i've never been a fan of the oscar's. probably because i'm always at least a year late to see any movie. i'm interested, of course, in the fashion choices, of all the boys and girls. i did notice, in between me dozing off, that the program made a decent effort to bring a little excitement and flair to the show. not necessarily exciting to me but maybe to you. here we go:

alicia is beautiful but i could have done without the wig. whose idea was that?

tilda swinton

i hear beyonce rocked house of dereon. i really wish b would sit down somewhere and have a baby or something. i mean the broadway performance ... b, trust me, it's time to sit down for a minute.

i'd never even seen or heard of freido pinto of slumdog millionaire before last night. i'm so out the loop with the movie scene. she wore galliano. nice. and had a happy night because the movie swept. i may check it out.
ok, i probably would have liked this dress on someone older and maybe taller. i mean miley is 17, right? not the right dress for her, in my opinion, even if it is the oscar's.

oh whoopi.

unfamiliar with evan rachel wood but elegant look

halle looks fabulous, as usual.

sarah jessica parker mentioned that her dress was borrowed. how considerate, it is a recession!

queen latifah wore a chakra gown. she sung last night during the tribute to those who passed away in '08.

anne hathaway

viola wore a reem acra dress. i don't hate it but i don't love it. although she didn't win, i congratulate her on the nomination.

our girl taraji looked beautiful in a cavalli gown. no win but congrats, nonetheless.

heidi klum never disappoints me. she always brings her A game.

love that john legend chose brown for the red carpet. brown, when done right, is always a good look on men. he's accompanied by girlfriend, christine, who also looks beautiful.

i'm unfamiliar with leslie mann but absolutely love her dress.

unfamiliar with melissa george but nice dress.

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