at last, i've found my favorite lipstick color.

well, well, well. look who's become a lil' ole' make-up junkie. moi. i went from barely touching the stuff (aside from concealer and some kind of lip stuff) to never leaving home without it. i loves it. i'm like a little girl in the candy store when i go make-up shopping now.

so yesterday i was up and at the mall by 10. i did a little ski-trip shopping and finally made my way to the main event: the mac counter.

i was a little too hype that i've finally found my absolute favorite lipstick color.

it's called just brew. it's a nude color for us chocolate mamis and still has a slight pop so it doesn't look too blah like other nude colors. i love it. did i tell you how much i love it? i wore it to church today and it's such a perfect every day color that i need to go snag another tube.

i also grabbed:

lipliner in cork

lip gloss in star nova. can you believe i went to mac and didn't buy oh baby? next time.


Bren said...

I love Just Brew!!!!! And Oh Baby!

nikki necole said...

Love it! I'm a junkie now too and it's crazy b/c as a teen I wasn't interested at all. Now my obsession is perfecting the cat eye....just effin loves it!