on to the next one.

yes, i'm one of those girls. i go through so many changes with my face care regimen. i've done proactiv. i've done noxema. most recently, i was doing a cocoa butter bar:

... knowing good and well i had no business using this soap on my face. and don't get me wrong, it works for some. for me though, my skin just needs a little more tlc.

so i'm on to the next one ...

... mary kay! and i love it. i use the ultimate miracle set that includes everything pictured above - cleanser, moisturizer, a day and a night solution - plus a microdermabrasion set, the eye creme and foundation. all of their sets come with foundation and i give them kudos for having excellent color matches.

so yeh, this is my new new. so far, so good. i've been using it consistently since christmas. my skin looks brighter. and clearer.

oh and don't sleep on their make-up either. i bought some fabulous mascara for 10 bucks.

you can check out all their products or even host facials for you and your girls by clicking on http://www.marykay.com/dhwhitby

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misslikey said...

soap how gentile can be is not good for a face. when you finish with mary kay try with spraying a thermal water instead of regular water. that helped me most