h&m, you can't be serious.

shame on h&m and walmart. according to the new york times, cynthia magnus, a graduate student, found bags of unworn and purposely destroyed clothing that had been discarded by h&m in the back of their store on west 35th street in ny. she also found clothes from walmart in the same condition.

photo from new york times
you mean to tell me someone, anyone, thought it was better to discard unworn clothing that hadn't been sold, rather than donate or recycle it?

nicole christie, a spokeswoman for the store says: "it will not happen again. we are committed 100% to make sure this practice is not happening anywhere else, as it is not our standard practice."

never mind the huge go-green iniative of practically the whole country. it's just dumb. if they're embarrassed, they should be.

read the full story over at newyorktimes.com.

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