back in the day.

it's vintage music saturday! and as i thought about what i wanted to hear this morning, i noticed that my niece was singing this on her fb status: back in the day, when i was young, i'm not a kid anymore, but some days i sit and wish i was a kid again.
yeh, niece, i'm feeling this one. this used to be my song. i did a little digging and found out this one isn't as old as i thought. i was thinking junior high. no. more like 10th grade, 1994, by one hit wonder, ahmad.

ahmad was straight out of the west coast, rhyming nostalgically about his teenage years.
and lastly, this song is well fitting this week because it features a sample from my hometown great, the late teddy p., love tko. enjoy ... oh and the annoying tag in the middle of the video will go away ...

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