the return of the babysitters club.

well looky here. my late 20s/early 30s readers may get a kick out of this. remember ann m. martin's babysitters club series? kristy, mary anne and claudia?

well the new york times is reporting that martin is back and writing the prequel to the series called, the summer before, aimed at tweens.

i hope there are at least a handful of tweens who may appreciate some good ole' innocent fiction. not a bit of scandal here.

i was a book worm as a young girl. loved to read and write. i remember reading the babysitters club. i appreciated it because it complemented my huge desire for entrepreneurship - 3 girls starting a babysitters business and getting paid for it. bet! i was hype at the possibilities. my entrepreneurial ambitions soared ... and are still soaring.

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Mel said...

I never even heard of this series but my niece may like it. She's 13 and still innocent ... I think. LOL.