remember when we used to rock: jean nate.

yes, i know it's been a minute since the last we used to rock post but it's back! had to keep it coming - these posts are my favorite.

please tell me yawl remember jean nate'. you don't? man, jean nate' was the staple fragrance of the late 80s/early 90s. if i close my eyes and concentrate i can still smell the scent.

so here's the story because you know i always have a story with the we used to rock posts. i was in 7th grade and mrs. something - i can't remember her name but she used to wear a jheri curl - used to wear it faithfully. she was the assistant softball coach and yes i played (i.e. warmed the bench) for about a week. i couldn't figure out if she was heavy-handed with it or if it was just that strong but i loved it. i asked her what she wore, she answered jean nate' and i went straight home and asked my mom if she could buy me some.

so mom bought me some eventually and i wore my jean nate' after bath splash daily. it's absolutely funny to me now because if i was to smell it today, the scent would irritate the heck out of me.

of course i had to google it and see if they still sell the stuff. and they do. all over the place. same bottle, same logo. it can be all yours for less than 10 bucks.


BohemianSoul said...

Jean Nate' WOW!! i used to soak in the after bath splash! My mother would get me the set every christmas when i was a teenager!

Lynda said...

OMG you took it back to jean nate'. My cousin used to wear it and I wanted some sooo bad.

sheri said...

i think my auntie used to wear this stuff.